Normal SummonsEdit

Name Series Abilities
Animatronics Five Nights at Freddy's Each of these characters will jumpscare your opponents.
Simpsons Logo The Simpsons This logo will pop up knocking out yuor opponents.
The Flock Free Birds Releases a flock of turkeys knocking out your opponents.
Mega Man * Shoots your opponents.
Baby Cannon The Simpsons Shoots Maggie Simpson on your opponents.
Lisa Simpson The Simpsons Lisa plays music that knocks out your opponents.
PSY Real Life PSY knocks out your opponents with Gangam Style.
Micheal Jackson Real Life His concert knocks out your opponents.
Amy Rose Sonic Boom Slams your opponents.
Captain Falcon F-Zero Does a Falcon Punch on your opponents.
Lightning McQueen Cars Rolls down your opponents.
Ninja Turtles TMNT Each of these characters will knock out your opponents with their skills.
Link Legend of Zelda Does his skills to knock your opponents.
Fix-It Felix Jr. Game Wreck-It Ralph Ralph wrecks everything on screen and Felix stuns your opponents with his gold hammer.
Pixar Lamp Pixar The lamp bounces on your opponents and flashes on screen.
Wolfgang Skylanders Same abilities as Lisa Simpsons.
Chompy Mage Skylanders Summons Chompies to eat your opponents.
Sheep Creep Skylanders Same abilities as Mega Man.
Ostritch BLYM Drags your opponents to the edge of the stage.
Burgerzilla Papa Louie Moves around the stage, stomping on your opponents.

The 110 Portal Summons are the rest of the Skylanders, especially the Giants, SWAP Force and Trap Team/Trap Masters.

PokéBall SummonsEdit

  1. Venusaur
  2. Blastoise
  3. Butterfree
  4. Beedrill
  5. Sandslash
  6. Raichu
  7. Meganium
  8. Typhlosion
  9. Feralgatr
  10. Noctowl

More coming soon..