Super Monkey Ball U so far a Fan Game (Possibly a future installment). As by the title its a game for the New Wii U.

Main GameEdit

The main game features of course the classic monkey ball mode (In this one known as single player mode). It also has co-op mode but unlike step and roll (player one rolls player two shoots), this time its split screen and player one has to open pathways for player vice versa. Then there is Competition Mode unlike how it was in deluxe you play an entire world instead of five randomly slected levels. Like normal there is Practice Mode and Replays.


The Main game has ten worlds. Three that are hidden which are from Super Monkey Ball 3D.

  1. Monkey Island- The Basic tropical First World for each Super Monkey Ball games
  2. Flooded Cave- An underground Cavern Aiai found, their are Mystic Underwater Ruins
  3. Ice Mountains- The SMB team faces the Frozen Mountains on a cloudy and windy day
  4. Fire Temple- AKA the Lava Temple, this place holds the Etenal Flame
  5. Toxic Plant- A Run down plant that the Team Discoverd and get lost in
  6. Under Construction Mayhem- In the Middle of a city Like New York, A Skycraper in getting built
  7. Space Arsenal- The Ultmate Arsenal
  8. Monkey Park- As Seen in Super Monkey Ball 3D
  9. Mt Tyrano- As Seen in Super Monkey Ball 3D
  10. Sky Way- As Seen in Super Monkey Ball 3D

Party GamesEdit

In SMBU it has 20 Party games, the same amount as Step and Roll

  1. Monkey Race
  2. Monkey Golf
  3. Monkey Boxing
  4. Space Wars
  5. Monkey Wars
  6. Firefighter
  7. Monkey Soccer
  8. Monkey Baseball
  9. Spaceship Landing
  10. Ping Pong
  11. Monkey Bobsled
  12. Sky Diving
  13. Musical Monkey
  14. Monkey Labyrinth
  15. Monkey Surfing
  16. Jigsaw
  17. Haunted House
  18. Punch Platform
  19. Monkey Tennis
  20. Monkey Bowling