Takamaru is a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Rumble. He is a medium character with high speed and medium attacks. He has received a promotion since the last game, as he was only an assist trophy.

Takamaru New
Takamaru Symbol
Universe The Mysterious Murasame Castle
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Rumble
Availability Starter
Tier TBA


Takamaru became a hero when he ventured through Japan to defeat the aliens who had taken over the Grand Murasame Castle. He now lives a more peaceful life, but is willing to fight if the occasion arises.

Abilities & Strategy

Takamaru, like Link, is a medium swordsman with an excellent projectile game. His play style is unique, but does not take a lot of getting used to. He is quick with his sword movements, and makes up for his small reach with his shurikens. Being a medium character, he is not super easy to K.O.. Downsides include a lack of recovery options, along with the occasional difficulty of finishing the opponent.



  • Jab - Two quick slashes followed by one more powerful downward slash 8%
  • Up - Hits upward with the hilt of his sword 8%
  • Side - Holds sword backwards and slashes around with tip 9%
  • Down - A ridiculously fast slice (while crouching, of course) similar to Marth's 7%


  • Neutral - A kick similar to Link's 8%
  • Up - A very fast upward swing with impressive knockback and power 15%
  • Forward - A quick downwards slash useful for follow-ups 10%
  • Down - Swings sword downwards; sweet spot spikes 14%
  • Back - Drives hilt of sword back; similar to Shulk's 13%


  • Neutral - Inner Focus - Charges up energy the longer held; makes direct hits do more 0%
  • Up - Blade Leap - Jumps incredibly high; like Sonic's, attacks and Air Dodges can still be executed 7%
  • Side - Windmill Swords - Tosses three Windmill Swords at a time in different directions 6%
  • Down - TBA

Smash Attacks

  • Up - Sudden upward swing with a large range and arc 15-27%
  • Side - Slams sword in a downward arc; surprisingly low lag time 15-27%
  • Down - Smashes sword into ground; creates small shockwave 13-24%