VGFW Imagine

What is Imagine?

Imagine is the Video Game Fan Wiki's premiere original game-making contest. It is a chance for all users to participate in a competition that challenges not only your creativity, but your ability to create an interesting, detailed, overall well-built article to catch the attention of others. 


1. Your entry cannot be part of an existing real game series. It must be 100% original content.

2. Taking inspiration from or using other real games as bases for your entry is, however, allowed and somewhat encouraged towards newcomers.

3. It must still follow the general rules of the Video Game Fan Wiki. There are no exceptions.

4. You can only begin production when an Imagine contest officially begins. Any page made prior to this, assuming it has been worked on, will be automatically ineligible as an entry.

5. You have three total chances for your submission. For example, if you are dissatisfied with your first entry, you may scrap it and move on. Once you have created your new page, you have used up one of your chances, leaving you with only one final opportunity to enter a page. Should the event occur where a user is still unhappy with their last entry, there is sadly no other option but to work with what they've got. An admin may give you the choice to select one of your three articles that you have previously created (assuming they haven't been deleted) to be your final piece of work, though this may not always be an option.

  • Contest 001 - The first contest began on June 14, 2015, and is currently still going.